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The Longshoreman was attempting to prevent the marriage between one of the brothers and his niece. Arthur Miller intended to grip the audience by telling you a story of illegal immigrants and how they could affect a person's life My aim is too look at the relationship of Catherine and Eddie.

In his plays he explores the struggles of the ordinary man against authority and insurmountable odds. Miller makes use of dynamics to allow the potential for immense drama and explosive consequences. A tragic hero is the hero in the story who has positive and negative traits and their negative traits is what eventually leads to the demise and this is what happens to Eddie Firstly let me start of by telling you about the intentions of writers, Arthur Miller's intentions in particular. Certain places, like Italy, are mentioned lots, but no scenes themselves take place there I found the play to be neither intriguing nor interesting in the tiniest fashion. The audience knows that whatever is to come will be fiery and fervent. Miller was an essayist and playwright, that had won many award for his work such as all my sons, death of a salesman, one of the many plays he had written was a view from the bridge Illegal immigrants will often be smuggled in from countries like Sicily. Eddie Carbone's flaw is that he is in love with his niece but denies Arthur Miller has used these fierce cultural beliefs as an aid to build up dramatic tension, irony, hatred and love through the characters who are supposed to abide by Hostility, aggression and masculinity are the main themes which influence the mood of the play and the way they are associated with each other allow an increase in tension in the minds of the reader

He has responsibility for his family, so he has come to America as an illegal immigrant to provide food for them, because if he stays in Sicily "they will never grow up". To understand the relationship, we must understand the atmosphere and culture. The extract being examined is a scene in which Eddie reinforces the perils of betraying family, specifically reporting them as illegal immigrants to the Immigration Bureau.

To understand the relationship, we must understand the atmosphere and culture. It is in this community Miller chooses to dramatise themes of conflict, betrayal, love and obsession. The play "A view from the Bridge" by Arthur Miller shows the tragic demise of its protagonist "Eddie Carbone" and towards his demise we are presented with two different yet similar concepts; justice and the law. In addition try to find out why most of the Italian community went to America and how they found life in America. The tragic hero of the play named, Eddie Carbone is a 40 year old man, an American of a Sicilian background; He is described as "a husky, slightly overweight longshoreman. Essay on topic: A View from the Bridge Words 4 Pages All the events of the play are set in about in Red Hook, New York roughly during the 's, a time where equal rights were not an issue and before the feminist era was in full swing. He opens the play with a very exposing account of what life used to be like and is like in that particular community. The play is based in a city called Brooklyn which is situated in the state of New York. Eddie Carbone, the main character, is driven by desire and lust, which eventually brings upon his own downfall. Ironically, the opening scene is the climax itself.

This goes along with the first quote go to show just how much she has changed from when we first met her; she has gone from completely dependent on Eddie and has begun to start to challenge him.

He is an ordinary man. This comes right after when Eddie starts questioning Rodolpho on the way he behaves while he is out. He supports his wife Beatrice and his niece, Catherine.

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Eddie Carbone was one of these men. He launches into graphic detail about past bandits and murders and about how justice is very important to the Italians.

a view from the bridge catherine essay writer

This was due to the depression caused by the Second World War. The audience knows from that speech everything about Alfieri and about the community in Red Hook.

In and the American Government passed laws which severely restricted immigration, and which made it particularly difficult for people from the south and east of Europe to enter the country.

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