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Counting the Vote The vote totals in this fact sheet are based on a supplement of the Current Population Survey that is conducted by the U. The discrepancy between the Rhodes estimate and the CPS is The Latino electorate was a much smaller share of the Latino population than it was among whites and blacks.

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The turnout among Latinos increased slightly from toas it did among whites. But as was the case among whites, there were some differences between black voters and all black adults.

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In Florida, Republican candidates often win a larger share of the Hispanic vote than elsewhere, in part due to a large population of Cubans that has tended to vote more Republican than other Hispanic groups. These eligible voters were distinct in many ways when compared with the entire Hispanic adult population Table 5. Trump continues on the same path of bashing immigrants and bashing Latinos without evidence and this only further decreases his favorability among Latinos. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen did not seek re-election. Now Colorado and New Mexico are no longer really competitive at the presidential level, Nevada is slipping away from the Republicans, and Democrats elected a Senator in in Arizona. Exit polls offer the first look at who voted in an election, a portrait that will be refined over time as more data, such as state voter files, become available. In absolute numbers, an additional , Hispanics cast ballots in the election compared with the election. I think many Democrats are continually perplexed by this — that there could be Latino voters who are willing to support a president or candidate like Trump whose rhetoric and policies are so clearly anti-Latino and racist. If the turnout rate had been as high as it was in , Hispanics would have cast 9.

More than a third were under 18 years of age and another third were adult non-citizens Table 1. Republicans won two close statewide races in Florida inone for senate and one for governor — despite the gradual erosion of Republican support among Cuban-Americans in the state and despite the continuing influx of pro-Democratic Puerto Ricans in the wake of Hurricane Maria in Their support for Republican House candidates was 36 percent, according to exit polls.

He revoked the temporary status of many immigrants in Florida.

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Asked about the declining share of eligible Hispanics turning out on Election Day, Barreto countered that the growing numbers of eligible Latinos are almost entirely driven by U. Bustos is a House representative from Illinois.

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How Latinos voted in the midterms