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Republican electors, attempting to name both a President and a Vice President from their own party, cast a tie vote between Jefferson and Aaron Burr. He believed that not only would economic dependence on Europe diminish the virtue of the republic, but that the United States had an abundance of natural resources that Americans should be able to cultivate and use to tend to their own needs. However in he did become the third president of the United States. Trade with the two countries is to be resumed when they agreed to respect the rights of U. Jefferson believed that all men were created equal, but he was a slave owner who refused to let go of his own slaves. Jefferson himself sympathized with Native Americans, but that did not stop him from enacting policies that would continue the trend towards the dispossession of their lands. Napoleon informs U. Madison, the Supreme Court for the first time declared an act of Congress unconstitutional; it would not do so again until the infamous Dred Scott case in Jefferson had destroyed political traditions.

This is a weak front on which to criticize Jefferson. The protection and expansion of human liberty was one of the chief goals of the Jeffersonians.

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The workers would no longer be independent voters. Jefferson felt that Hamilton favored plutocracy and the creation of a powerful aristocracy in the United States which would accumulate increasingly greater power until the political and social order of the United States became indistinguishable from those of the Old World.

Such a situation, Jefferson feared, would leave the American people vulnerable to political subjugation and economic manipulation. After his fathers death, Jefferson left for school in Williamsburg. BeckleyJefferson's agent in Pennsylvania, set new standards in the s. His father impressed upon him a love of reading and writing.

He thought of America the way we like to think of ourselves, and saw its significance, as we still now tend to do, in terms larger than itself.

However Sheehan argues that the Jeffersonians, with the best of goodwill toward the Indians, destroyed their distinctive cultures with its misguided benevolence.

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