Causes and effects of a suburban

However, impervious surfaces may also degrade water quality, reducing the utility of the increase in water from precipitation Paul and Meyer When addressing public health concerns of drug abuse with patients directly, suburban health care providers and medical practitioners have the advantage of treating a demographic of drug abuse patients that are better educated and equipped with resources to recover from addiction and overdose.

History of suburban sprawl

An actively sought and managed open space can be a positive rallying cry, and an engaging cause tends to be more riveting than constantly opposing what many people have been conditioned to see as progress. Some in the U. A wide range of other watershed-scale studies have also demonstrated a high percentage of annual N removal over a wide range of watershed characteristics and N source types Boyer et al. The two fertilizer N products differ somewhat in their estimates where they overlap. Forty-seven years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, you might think that these problems are gradually disappearing. Google Scholar Lessinger, J. Regrowing forests during the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century may have affected runoff through increasing evapotranspiration. In developed countries this fraction was much higher.

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Urban sprawl

The export coefficient model of Vadeboncoeur et al. Although this can occur either in the city or in the suburbs, the effect is generally decentralizing, which works against the largest advantage of the centre city, which is easier access to information and supplies due to centralization. Google Scholar Archer, R. Kumar and H. Economic growth and globalization are often cited as the principal macroeconomic drivers of urban sprawl; however, increased affluence, attractive land and housing prices, and the desire for larger homes with more amenities such as yards, household appliances, storage space, and privacy play significant roles at the level of the individual. After the U. Google Scholar Boal, F. Google Scholar Hanson, M. The N budget has been more perturbed than the water cycle in this suburban system, as is the case globally Rockstrom et al.

Also, because of the typical spread pattern of suburban housing, the lack of variety of housing types, and the greater distance between homes, real estate development and public service costs increase, which in turn increase the deficit of upper levels of government.

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Although suburban healthcare providers may have more resources to address drug addiction, abuse, and overdose, preconceived ideas about suburban lifestyles may prevent them from giving proper treatment to patients.

Shoemyen and M.

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Characteristics, Causes, and Effects of Sprawl: A Literature Review