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An increasing number of legislative efforts have been put in place to educate the public, reduce the incidence of motor vehicle accidents, and implement new regulatory approaches to prohibit distracted driving This is why the community and the government to stop and prevent these fatal crashes must take the proper measures.

She picked up her phone and read the message.

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Moreover, Florida is the 41st state to eliminate texting That idea might be a little farfetched and more difficult to put to action. Even though this is true, people who use a cell phone while driving are not punished as harshly as drunk drivers.

Another personal real life example of distracted driving causing a serious injury is what happened to my cousin when he was in high school.

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Although distracted driving accidents and fatalities have risen in the last decade, placing a ban on the use of a cell phone or other electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle as some states have will not resolve the issue. In , there were over , people that were injured in car accidents involving a distracted driver, which is significantly higher than the , in Distraction. This issue is very important to me because it affects my generation primarily. It often takes five years 10 for CA to get back into good driver standings once a DUI is on your driving record. Virgin Islands ban texting and driving. Distracted driving is driving while distracted. That is a plethora of people that are at risk of texting while driving.

Are we really doing what is best or should we think before we please. That works out to be one individual like clockwork. There is no doubt that statistics clearly show how dangerous distracted driving can be.

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Causes and Effects of Driving Distracted