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However, Stockmann was also an idealist who was rather naive when it came to reality. Examine the role of women in this play.

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From this perspective, it is possible to interpret this play as continuing to be of relevance in the early twenty-first century. In particular, the play focuses on the ways in which an individual can be ostracized by the society he is trying to help. Thomas is designated as the eponymous enemy several times and although it is intended as an insult, it is also seen to be a truth that he comes to relish. An idealistic person is said to be somebody who dreams perfection. Stockmann possesses. By standing alone, and doing so for heroic reasons, Thomas is used as a means to challenge the notion that democracy is fair to all. And this is what this slavery can bring upon a free, honorable man! An Enemy of the People is a story about a doctor that discovered that the town he lives in, has become a cesspool. Even after the whole town was against him, Dr.

Consider the criticisms aimed at democracy and explain their impact on characters, viewers and readers. One primary message of the play is that the individual, who stands alone, is more often "right" than the mass of people, who are portrayed as ignorant and sheeplike.

The protagonist was Doctor Stockmann.

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The main reason he took such a strong position on the issue of the baths was because it concerned the health of the public. However, Stockmann could also be perceived as a hero because he is strong and courageous enough to stick to what he knows is right even amidst this adversity.

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One of the several things the doctor had against him was that not many people took his ideas and discoveries seriously.

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Essay on enemy of the people