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He, in his easy, very exactly exposes his views and thoughts to the readers.

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Clarity, in this way, is another important ingredient of prose style of Sir Francis Bacon. This is why, Bacon calls the revenge a kind of wild justice. The force of the aphoristic statements depend upon other stylistic devices which supplement them.

There is a terseness of expression and epigrammatic brevity in the essays of Bacon.

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With him, English prose definitely took a long leap forward. This is a remarkable power of compressing into a few words an idea which other writers may express in several sentences. Every pithy sentence holds our attention. In his view, the wives and the children are the hindrance to the way of the success. To him, reading improves the natural abilities of man. Some admire his dazzling power of rhetoric, others, his grace, and yet others find him too stiff and rigid. Through reading a person becomes a full man and by discussion he becomes a ready man.

The grammatical structure is sometimes loose, but the sense is rarely ambiguous. In other words, every man has his ego, and it is most often a highly inflated ego.

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We notice the brilliant utilization of aphorism in his essays. In doing so, he chose images from the familiar objects of nature or from the facts of everyday life. Scarcely, any other writer of his era has this kind of ability.

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