Ford motor company four function of management human resources knowledge technology

This survey ranked the company based upon features like work environment, innovation, future earnings and leadership development.

The company also uses social media channels and webcasts to communicate with its audience. It is now conducting human rights saliency assessment to ensure that all people work in a discrimination fee environment.

recruitment and selection process of ford motor company

Various kinds of such programs like the Global leadership summit, executive leadership summit, experienced leader program and salaried supervisor institute are used at Ford for training and learning. This applies to all forms of pay, including base salary, incentives, bonuses, and other forms of compensation.

Attracting, retaining, and developing amazing talent that is empowered to work together to compete and win is a fundamental aspect of our fitness. The company conducts an annual Global Pulse survey that encourages the employees to provide honest feedback about their jobs and their overall satisfaction about their company.

ford motor company employee training programs

Induction at Ford has been made more streamlined and efficient over time. All the while the focus is on creating a culture of learning and curiosity. Jim Hackett is said to have a keen eye for great technologies and great people.

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Human Resource Management at Ford Motors