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The gold standard was a keystone in the classical economic theory of equilibrium in international trade. This system led to the establishment of the International Monetary Fund IMF to promote consultation and collaboration on international monetary problems and lend to member countries in need due to recurring balance of payments deficit.

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Ian Giddy 1. The report focuses on the various kinds of risks that the banks face and what are the ways by which these commercial banks can prevent those risks associated with FOREX. Like we read earlier that the 'dealing room' within a bank comes up with card rates and daily rates as well, these are the exchange rates at which the transactions occur. As a result, all possible risks that outweigh an investment's profits and outcomes need to be closely scrutinized and strategically planned before initiating the investment. Hedging does not eliminate risks but helps to transform risks. Since then, the foreign exchange market activity has more than doubled with the average monthly turnover reaching billion USD in , over ten times the daily turnover of the Bombay Stock Exchange. Effective from 2nd August, , India has switched over to direct method of quotation. As we know, all banks have different spot rates that is, while facilitating FOREX for their customers, they charge an amount greater than the ongoing exchange rate as a fee for the bank. Table of Contents 1. Due to this, the change resulting in between the two values that is, the change in currency value is the loss that the bank is suffering. It is equally critical to identify the stability of the economic system. The reports issued by banks on this also said that only corporations are allowed to trade that too with the condition that the corporations are to use only free dollars from their reserves. While translation risk may not affect a firm's cash flows, it could have a significant impact on a firm's reported earnings and therefore its stock price. Forwards, Futures and Money Market Hedging.

Further, I would like to thank my family and friends for their constant support and patience throughout this project. The other main player operating in the market is the central bank, the main part of whose foreign exchange activities involves the buying and selling of the home currency or foreign currencies with a view to ensuring that the exchange rate moves in line with established targets set for it by the Government.

Call option: This basically gives the buyer the right to call i.

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This rate is known as official rate of exchange. Executive Summary Executive Summary So, basically, all the commercial banks in India come up with their daily card rates during the course of the day based upon the fluctuating exchange rates of different currencies as per their demand and supply and other external factors.

It gives the traders the chance to hedge off even future and forward contracts as per the contract entered into today.

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