How to write a letter requesting an interview with a celebrity

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Also learn how to request an informational interview in person or over the phone. Try a junior member of the PR staff and see if you can pick their brain for tips. They read this from little signs like your choice of words. You meet up with the rich and famous. If only it were that easy.

How to request a research interview via email

You meet up with the rich and famous. Just keep working at it and developing relationships with celebrity PR people. They get tired of being asked the same six questions about their upcoming film, and might love to talk about their new boyfriend, their customized Harley, their backyard organic garden…anything else. Also mention your interest in an interview. Work your connections Never assume you know no one who could give you an introduction to a celebrity. Give a brief overview of your story and ask if the person would be available for comment. Learn how to how to write a resume with us, and get guidance on all sorts of interview questions as well! How can you help? Have you scored a celebrity interview?

My book has a specific purpose —help people telecommute— and neither Bill, Warren, nor Britney are experts in that area. When you're given your first journalism assignment that involves an interview, it's sometimes hard to know where to begin.

How to write an email requesting an informational interview

Some may include speaking with a high profile interview subject HPIS such as an actor, musician, politician or professional athlete. My suggestion is to follow up if no response on your original e-mail after two days. What to say Now that you know how to contact your target you have to figure out what to say. Write a pitch or story. Find them. With some celebs, this may be a dance that takes years to complete. In addition to Google searching, investigate your social media network to see if you know someone who has any kind of connection. Character matters to potential employers. Get smart You want to interview the target because they have an area of expertise. Professional Cover Letter Builder Are you sick of writing cover letter after cover letter and applying to job after job, only to have employers ignore you?

You interview movie stars, music artists, or politicians. Try to set up something face-to-face, because you can usually get a better interview if the person is looking right at you.

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For example, inwhen I started my freelance career, I was a Toronto native with no published writing experience.

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Celebrity Interview Secrets: 7 Strategies for Writers to Score a Meeting