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Right after I told him that I was a freelance writer, his eyes lit up.

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That Christmas my husband gifted me a camera, with the permission to pursue my curiosity at all costs. Start by choosing copywriters you have found who write on subjects related to your business.

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Together we've worked through taking risks, daring greatly, and living life to the fullest. Good writers will stay connected in the project from beginning to end and will deliver. He said the priest's comment at the banquet table, regarding the dead rebels—"God has already saved their souls; what happens to their bodies, well, it hardly matters to him"—was taken from a real speech that a priest used to give to rebel prisoners in the fascist camps.

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Oh, and hey, Mom…I'm doing what I love. Against all odds, my mother and father escorted me to marry my soul mate on a sandy beach in Hawaii.

That scene is also based on a real occurrence in Spain, when a fascist smashed a citizen's face with the butt of a pistol and took his groceries, all because the man didn't take off his hat. I Introduced Pan's Labyrinth to my 17 year old nephew who loves heavy metal and horror flicks.

Are they creative?

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