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Actress Joi Lansing played Flatt's wife, Gladys, in five episodes, — Dash Riprock Larry Pennell ; 10 episodes in seasons 3—7 is a handsome Hollywood actor employed by Jed's movie studio.

He is the son of Luke Clampett and his wife, and has a sister called Myrtle.

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Helen takes over Miss Hathaway's job as Mr. I want to assure our entire Beverly Vista community that our students [will have] the complete support of our full staff of educators. She is the daughter of Amos Clampett, Jed's uncle.

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Eugene Twombley, with whom Pearl is enamored; Benaderet's real-life husband was named Eugene Twombly. His other ambitions included being a millwright, street car conductor, "double-naught" spy , telephone lineman, soda jerk , chauffeur , USAF general, sculptor, restaurant owner with Granny's cooking , psychiatrist, and once as a bookkeeper for Milburn Drysdale's bank; an agent for "cousin" Bessie and "Cousin Roy" see below ; Hollywood producer a studio flunky remarks Jethro has the "right qualifications" for being a producer : a sixth-grade education and an uncle who owns the studio; this in-joke gag as a movie producer was replayed in the movie. She is the daughter of Amos Clampett, Jed's uncle. Matthew and Mark Templeton brothers played by actor Roger Torrey , who had auditioned for the part of Jethro; three episodes in season 8 as Matthew; 9 in season 9 as Mark Matthew is the preacher Granny tags as a prospective husband for Elly. He often forces others, especially his long-suffering secretary, to help fulfill their outlandish requests. Jethrine also appears in the movie version. Making certain that the Beverly Vista interim leadership team is ready to offer support and stability during this time is at the forefront of our minds. MacGibbon ; 55 episodes in —69 is a blue-blooded Bostonian who traces her family back to the Mayflower and has obvious disdain for the "peasant" and "dreadful" hillbillies, especially Granny, with whom she occasionally has "scraps". Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs as themselves in seven episodes, —68 are longtime friends of the Clampetts "back home" Kimberling City, Missouri , who visit the Clampetts when they are on tour in California. Lowell Redlings Farquhar Charles Ruggles ; three episodes in seasons 4 and 5 is the elderly father of Mrs. Granny can be aggressive, but is often overruled by Jed. Jane Hathaway Nancy Kulp in episodes , whom the Clampetts address as Miss Jane, is Drysdale's loyal, highly-educated and efficient secretary. Elly May later and literally tosses him. Riprock was a send-up of the blatantly fake screen names employed by a number of movie actors of the period. This was an ironic in-joke — in real life, Max Baer Jr.

Jed is a good-natured man and the head of the family. Granny is constantly under the impression Sam wants to marry her, but Sam has no such intention.

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Referenced as early as episode 3, she makes a brief appearance in a episode when the Clampetts go back home to bring Pearl to California, but is not seen again until , when the Clampetts return for an extended visit. School officials are required under state law to be mandatory reporters if they learn about crimes involving students. In one episode, he decides to go to college. The Mark Templeton storyline played out for nine episodes and was abruptly dropped, although advance publicity for the show indicated Elly May and Mark would marry during the season; however, the show was canceled at the end of that season as part of the CBS Rural Purge. Sam Drucker Frank Cady ; 10 episodes in —70 owns the general store in Hooterville. This was an ironic in-joke — in real life, Max Baer Jr. Drysdale's secretary after Miss Hathaway resigns. Pop singer Pat Boone appears in one episode as himself, under the premise that he hails from the same area of the country as the Clampetts, although Boone is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. She says once that animals can be better companions than people, but as she grows older, she allows that, "fellas kin be more fun than critters. We learned in the 11th episode that he is the widower of Granny's daughter, Rose Ellen. Unfortunately, Granny learns Matthew is married. The Clampetts are quite fond of him, and his wife occasionally visits them in California.

Elly May later and literally tosses him. Miss Hathaway frequently has to "rescue" Drysdale from his schemes, receiving little or no thanks for her efforts.

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