Persepolis analysis

Therefore, Satrapi not only effectively and historically illustrates the trauma of war and political oppression but shows the personal and sometimes unexpected consequences of trying to escape repression. Finally, after a very adolescent downwards spiral including a lover, drugs, a break-up and a bout of homelessness Marjane returns to Iran.

She feels caged by their dwindling communication and eventually feels trapped by that which was meant to free them.

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Examples of these role models include Marji 's mother and grandmother. Together they become more confident about defying laws, so much so that Satrapi dares to meet Reza in public wearing noticeable make-up.

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Marjane looks towards all of her family members to describe and explain the confusing facets of the rise of the Shah and the subsequent revolution — both how it happened, and also how her family is connected to it.

Escaping repression.

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The first shows Marji Satrapi and her schoolmates in a row, looking bored; whereas the image below shows them playing raucously in the playground — using their veils as skipping ropes, reigns for playing pony and generally using them as props in their various games.

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Analysis Of Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi