Salem witch trials in arthur millers the crucible

Salem witch trials in arthur millers the crucible

Such events could happen again if we cannot break free of prejudices and irrational fears. At Elizabeth's urging, John tells Hale he knows that the girl's afflictions are fake. They urge Elizabeth to plead with John and the judge so that he might be spared. One calls up witnesses to prove his innocence. Here, their dialogue reveals that the couple is still coping with tension and frustration relative to John's affair with Abigail. Hale is conflicted, but suggests that perhaps this misfortune has befallen Salem because of a great, secret crime that must be brought to light. Garner He continued to work a variety of menial jobs, including hosting a radio show, after graduating high school in order to pay for college. The witch hunters would employ uses of torture and other atrocities as detailed in The Witches Hammer to elicit a confession from the accused. Afraid that if she were to lay her eyes upon them they would be the next to be accused. Abigail takes advantage of the chance to eliminate Proctor's wife by accusing her of witchcraft, giving Abigail the opportunity to marry Proctor, while elevating herself within the Salem community. For example, when the play was first produced during the 's, as McCarthyism submerged America in paranoia and fear, audiences could relate to the plot because Americans were turning in their friends so they would not be labeled as Communists. She and John have a lengthy discussion, during which she commends him for holding out and not confessing. Perreault 11 Loftus, Joseph A. Arthur Miller, in testimony before McCarthy's committee, refused to name the names of writers he knew who may have had Communist leanings.

John submits Mary's deposition, which declares that she was coerced to accuse people by Abigail. He emphasizes that his wife never lies. Many others, including Tituba and Rebecca Nurse, sit in jail, awaiting hanging. A crucible is a container made of a substance that can resist great heat ; a crucible is also defined as a severe test.

His plays have been performed throughout the U. By refusing to go to trial, Giles hoped that everything he had worked for in his 80 years would go to his family members.

In an effort to stave off consequences Abigail admits to being under the spell of witches. Miller wrote that her apparent desire to convict Elizabeth and save John made the play conceivable for him.

John Proctor rips it to pieces. This mark commonly presented as a third nipple allowing a witch to nurse her familiar, a demon in animal form.

As the number of arrests increased, so did the distrust within the Salem community. It was common for a woman to bleed to death during the process or give a false confession in exchange for leniency that was rarely given.

He calls Hale a coward and asks him why the accusers' every utterance goes unchallenged. Conversely, black magic was associated with devil worship and was thought to be the cause of illness, death, and bad luck.

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The Crucible and The Salem Witch Trials by Arthur Miller