School violence thesis

There has been a huge debate about is school violence increasing or decreasing? Due to the fact that all of these are small towns, students, parents, and communities alike are realizing that no town is really safe.

At least fifty people have died due to a series of high school shootings. School violence has been around since the's, but back then it was more an issue of juvenile delinquency than violent behavior Baker 3.

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School violence thesis

The environment in some communities and households are positive and the presences of protective factors outweigh the high risk factors. These are the questions parents all over America are asking. They teach the wrong way to handle problems. But, there are ways to slow the increase of school violence. Education must occur in the home, alongside parents, and in the classroom. Juvenile homicide is twice as common today as it was in the mid 's. Most of you guys, thought about something different. However, there is no evidence that this form of punishment yields any positive results. This is resulted from students watching violent movies, which encourage them to try to do the same. The first level of creating a safe and responsive climate for students involves implementing improved classroom management school wide. The level of violence has risen over the recent years. The best way to address bullying is to stop it before it starts.

In conclusion, school violence is a complex situation that requires collaborative efforts to deal with the social problem. Most school violence start from differences between teenagers.

The community can get involved and make contributions to the programs that schools are initiating to minimize school violence.

cause of school violence

Other psychological reasons may involve poor self-esteem and love affairs gone sore. In schools, this form of violence continues to generate more copycats who would not hesitate to go on with the violent acts.

An example of this is the Virginia Tech massacre, which involved a senior level undergraduate student who killed 32 people before committing suicide. Students who come from poor economic backgrounds may feel inferior and in order to prove themselves to the well-endowed students may become physically violent.

Solutions to school violence

While no recent nationwide study of the real extent of youth violence is available, small-scale and regional studies indicate that youth violence is increasing, at least slightly. Introduction Not all schools are safe and many large schools face increasing insecurity because of increasing violence within their compounds. However, school violence has become a problem which has plagued the nation for the past several years. Methods of prevention should be discussed on how to prevent reoccurring violence or how we can lessen the opportunities of school violence. It is also hypothesized that school violence will have detrimental effects on the academic community. How these previous policies have played roles in an improvement of academics of the children, their environments and their health are important parts of the review by the policymakers. It is important for the youth to understand that there are better ways to solve their differences without necessarily involving in violence. Preventive measures have been taken by the government and school systems. The method involves the training and educating the children on the need for a safe learning environment. While there is no easy answer as to how to end this violence once and for all, we can look at some of the causes and take steps to contain that which we can. Teachers and staff deserve a safe place to work in. Violence in schools must be prevented.
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Cause & Effect Essay: School Violence