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The Guardian's chief editor, Alan Rusbridgercredited Snowden for having performed a public service.

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Snowden felt like Greenwald would understand where he was coming from since he was a constitutional civil rights lawyer, Snowden felt that he would be safe with him when informing Glen about what was going on since he felt like what the NSA was doing, was consider against the law and was breaking the 4th amendment His belief is that the U. To me ethics is the feeling of right and wrong. The Shunning of a Whistleblower words - 4 pages prevailing examples of this kind of person is Edward Snowden. If there is no author listed, the title of the document would be used in place of that information. Snowden then contacted documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras in January During this period he was also in the army for a period of 4 months

The future has changed because of the NSA leak. But along with the changes Snowden sparked, vital questions remain about how and if the National Security Agency and its global spy apparatus will truly be reformed.

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Appearing via a telepresence robot, Snowden expressed gratitude for the support. It is important to tie the paper together and ensure that it remains cohesive. There are all sorts of documents that would have made a big impact that I didn't turn over" [82] and that "I have to screen everything before releasing it to journalists New York: Columbia UP, A subcontractor turned whistle-blower is nothing short of a hero.

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Kraut, Richard, Kraut. While these are the most common styles used, there are others.

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Edward Snowden and the NSA Security Breach Essay