The ethical issues surrounding olympic sports in schools

Taylor and Francis; Houlihan B.

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Russian doping scandal: The elite athletes who were allowed to cheat the system. Counter-arguments raised against these policies require reconsideration of these ethical grounds especially from medical ethics point of view.

Virtual Mentor. Although athletes may ask for therapeutic use exemptions to avoid such inconveniences, it is argued that this mechanism is flawed because of costly and complicated administrative procedures [ 5 ].

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Basic issues in bioethics. The roles casted to medical professionals during implementation of strict anti-doping practices should be discussed more comprehensively in the context of medical ethics. The principle of non-male ficence asserts the obligation to physicians not to inflict harm to others [ 6 ]. Administration of ergogenic substances causes serious health risks for the sports people. Principles of Biomedical Ethics 5th ed. The problem arises when these pharmacological agents are used beyond therapeutic aims. This whole process seems to violate medical ethics codes, since there is no informed consent, no prior notice, no privacy during sample collection and no confidentiality of private information. Munson R. The principle of non-male ficence The principals of medical ethics can be summarized in 4 titles: beneficence, respect for autonomy, non-male ficence and, justice. Kindermann W. Medical Ethics and performance enhancing drugs. World anti-doping agency. World anti-doping code. These principles can be applied in medical practice by establishing a professional physician-patient relationship that respects the privacy of the patients and confidentiality of their identifiable data [ 6 ]. Suggesting the use of carbohydrate or ensuring proper hydration during exercise as an eugenic aid is considered appropriate [ 9 ].

In: Tannjso, Tamburrini RB, editors. For example the toxicities of anabolic-androgenic steroids AAS which are among the well-known drugs used to enhance the performance of athletes include sudden death, thromboembolic phenomena, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias, stroke, seizures, and psychiatric conditions such as anxiety, and mood changes.

The counter-argument to this ethical reasoning is raised due to the engagement of the physicians in performance enhancement practices when repairing athletes.

Rio continued the trend, with IOC member Patrick Hickey being arrested along with three other men in a ticket re-selling scam.

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World anti-doping agency; Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Schneider A, Butcher R. It seems like the ultimate goal of sports has turned out to be to win and appear on one of the three steps where you wear the medal.

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The Rio Olympics were a great sporting event, and an ethical mess