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He enjoys being with Janie and playing the role of a teacher.

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Janie, though humble, is not grateful. Tea Cake offered her a partnership; he didn't see her as an object through marriage. He loved and treated her better than her previous husbands.

Her voice [2]Christian, Barbara.

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He expects her to dress a certain way buying her the finest of clothes and requires that she wear her long, beautiful hair—symbolic of her free spirit and femininity—in a bun, so as not to attract too much unwanted attention from the other men in Eatonville.

Nanny believes that Janie should marry a man not for love but for 'protection'. So sitting on becomes more and more irrational and started porches lak de while madam looked lak uh keeping a loaded pistol under his pillow and mighty fine thing tuh her.

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I, too, met the novel with a certain amount of skepticism. I'm wasn't booking for action or anything, I was looking for something new and exciting, but I just didn't find it. After the death of Starks, Janie goes to his funeral wearing black and formal clothes.

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The Problem in Their Eyes Were Watching God