The sustainability of the competitive advantage

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Keeping the Edge This study of sustainable success grew out of a sample of businesses that far outperformed their industries in the recent past. It is the major driver of long-term business value and is what purchasers will place the most value on when looking to acquire a business.

Thus, tech companies must develop advantages that go beyond pinning hopes on one breakout product, in most cases. A version of this article appeared in the September issue of Harvard Business Review.

Sustainable competitive advantage model

They can, and often do, interact. That's your competitive advantage. On average, imitation costs a third less than innovation and is a third quicker. These banks are using a differentiation form of the focus strategy. The problem, ironically, is market growth: because of the boom in the Sunbelt, some of these towns can now accommodate two discounters. Your sustainable competitive advantage can guide your decision-making and provide you with direction and a sharp focus. Access advantages are vulnerable to shifts in input availability or prices. Still, self-enforcing mechanisms for market access crop up far more frequently. The Boston Consulting Group, for instance, has suffered more than a dozen spin-offs, eroding its competitive advantage in management consulting and its client base. Movie rental giant Blockbuster failed to adjust to the movement of movie rentals to online and kiosk-based providers, and its reputation and other industry advantages eventually lost value in the marketplace. Scan the environment actively. But it is important to remember that scale can work on a national, regional, or even local level, and that its effects need not be confined to manufacturing. Browse the definition and meaning of more terms similar to Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Cincinnati Milacron, the largest U. You must reinforce that message in every communication to your customers. InGillette introduced a low-priced line of Write Bros. Boundedness here is interpreted broadly: it may imply either a strictly limited supply of the input or a supply that is elastic but of varying quality.

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Lag times vary enormously, of course, but I can make some broad generalizations. Ultimately, the search for sustainability involves a series of decisions about the degree to which you are willing to commit your business to a particular way of doing things.

The sustainability of the competitive advantage

This description covers a wide range of phenomena. Continue Reading. Production often blurs competitive advantage: recent studies show that unionized workers pocket two-thirds of the potential profits in U.

How should a business cope with such competitive pressure?

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Sustainable Competitive Advantage Definition