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It remains the greatest Wall Street movie ever made. Fifteen days of exterior shooting took place in Philadelphia. And if that beat is right then — sorry, values!

As a kid, when I didn't quite get what was going on here, I thought this was hilarious.

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First and foremost, there's that, shall, we say, "blacking-up awkwardness". They will then observe whether the beggar and executive still act like their old selves.

The problem for them was that Aykroyd and Murphy wrote the fake report.

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They decide to make a bet: They will frame a top executive Dan Aykroyd with drug possession and soliciting a prostitute Jamie Lee Curtis. Now when I watch the film I think, "Raped by a gorilla?

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Because the Dukes are rich, they can make almost anything happen. Photograph: Rex Features I am of the very firm opinion that, unless what you like causes actual harm to others or yourself, you should never feel guilty for liking anything.

But Jamie did a terrific job.

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