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When thinking about vantage point myself, two very different ideas of this characteristic of photography came to mind, which I will discuss and compare in this essay. Firstly, perhaps the more obvious, was the concept of where a photograph is taken from, for example looking at a subject or scene from a position that allows the photographer a favourable view For ages, men carried messages of enemy positions, reinforcements, and artillery. The ladies and the second little girl, who is wearing a green calico dress, sit on a quilt with a small basket All photographers are always conscious of how they document the truth, how is all the information presented to the audience. Line 1 has a two trochees, an anapaest, a pyrrhic and another iamb, giving a mild trochaic pentameter, a real mix of feet. What do you think? She also includes some powerful imagery to shock us out of our complacency. However, Americans forget to acknowledge the fact that people put their lives on the line for them so they can be where they are today.

Does one group or the other seem to have justice on its side? Americans does not realize the lives that were lost during the war, countries who needed tremendously assistance and the discrimination America brought into the society Form And Structure of War Photographer War Photographer is a stanzaic poem, that is, it has four stanzas each with six lines, making a total of twenty four lines.

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The general population is then able to draw personal conclusions on the current events based off the media, which the population believes is factual. It includes the type of stanzas the poet uses, and their rhyme scheme.

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A photo tends to comes with many sides to a story, it has the ability to manipulate and tell something differently. Again the contrast is in evidence - he's home and safe yet he knows he's about to confront those realities of war again. Caesura A pause or break in a line, often a comma or other punctuation, to pause the flow. The next lines give, yet again, a comparison of this quite place to where people die in hundreds. A picture is worth a thousand words it has been said. In doing so he makes us think………………….. The poem shows that photographers are doing their duty, but we are not reacting to the photographs in the way that we should be. Death is rife during global conflicts and some poets use their craft to show the pain and suffering aspects of death. He is not so much a particular individual as an observer and recorder of others' lives. These are places where life is even briefer than normal, because of wars. The simile which compares him to a priest shows how seriously he takes his job, and how by photographing them he stands up for those who cannot help themselves. Phnom Penh. Sometimes a gulf like this can make it difficult for us to relate to these people. His memory is triggered and he is able to recall a wife, her cries, and his need to get approval somehow, without words, perhaps with just a gesture and a knowing look before he shot the victim.

Photographers have the right to use this tool is public without any problems Only as people listen to religious sermons, think for only a few minutes, and then forget all about it.

By doing so, he portrayed the beauty of the country to the public, and that a war will cause destruction to the whole country.

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Photography is a powerful style of expression and a valuable communicative tool.

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War Photographer