Writing a news article quotes

In a story about a speech or an individual, the first quote should be no lower in the story than the third or fourth paragraph, according to The News Manual.

How to introduce a quote in a news story

Put a comma after attribution introducing a one-sentence quotation and a colon after attribution introducing two or more sentences of quotation. Sometimes you may need to use a strong quote which does not actually contain all the information your reader needs to make sense of the sentence. What Is a Good Quote? Quotes allow you to put that lively language directly into your story. However, quotes bring stories to life. A reporter I worked with once covered a tornado in the Deep South. This can happen because the person is speaking about something he or she does not mention in the actual quote itself. He smiled at me and told me to come in. As a rule, do not start stories with quotes until you reach a level of experience when they earn their place through artistic merit and not because of their novelty. This is particularly important when you are changing from one speaker to another.

By December, students can barely fit tiny Christmas trees in their units. The reader can then decide how reliable a story is.

How to quote someone in an article

Use direct quotations to record the opinions, emotions, and unique expressions of your sources. Could it be bongo drums? In fact, there are some simple rules which, if followed, can make quotes as easy to use as any other kind of sentence. Who says? If you now want to discover how to correctly attribute quotes, follow this link to the second section, Chapter 9: Attribution. But Councilman Joe Smith disagreed, and said, "The mayor was concise and to the point. Keep Jones for his opinion and his enthusiasm, but cite an authority for facts like the date.

The dorm, which will open on Oct. For example, we may not want to use all of the words quoted in the following sentence: "Carelessness, as many people before me have argued, is the curse of clear writing," he said.

Take care when punctuating quotes.

why are quotes used in articles

A visitor is smiled at and welcomed. Attribution 1.

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Using Quotes in Newswriting